~ Zack's GM Application ~

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~ Zack's GM Application ~

Post  zack on Sun May 23, 2010 4:04 pm

Real Name : Ernest Tan

Age : 13 years old

What Languages you speak fluently : English because I'm in Singapore, i seldom speak singlish.

Why Should I Hire You : You should hire me because I make people happy. I'm kind-hearted. I will do anything if the Admin tells me so. I will listen attentively. I will do my job as a GM very seriously.

Experiences (show proof) : I have no experiences for being a GM. But i help people by teaching them things if they do not know. I will do my best in everything i do. I will do anything for this MS. If they ask me to do something I don't like, i will still do it. ForestStory is my life.

Time Zone : I'm from Singapore, GMT +8 Very Happy

Online Time : On Weekdays, i will play 4-5hours.. On Weekends, I will play 3-4hours.. You will realise my time on Weekends are lesser because i have activities going on.

Anything Else : To add on, I'm a person who is not really hot-tempered. I'm a person who take my job seriously, either in school or in games. I do not scold people for any small reasons. If somebody make me angry and they want to explain, I will let them explain. I'm not a unreasonable person which just scold people for no reasons. On the whole, If this application fails, I will not quit ForestStory but continue to play. <333

Contact Info : You can email me. My email is ernestbers@hotmail.com.



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