Aleh' Gm App Please check phenom

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Aleh' Gm App Please check phenom

Post  Aleh on Sun May 23, 2010 6:00 am

Real name:Aleh Jessy
Age:17 years
What languages do you speak fluently:English and some Spanish
Why Should I Hire You:because I have good experience being a GM or admin and I want to play with my friend Tomcruise phenom is good friend but have not met him too well, but because I am good Gm phenom Tomcruise Ask server we were teammates called Desustory but it's your choice , but I'm good with that gift you need is things I do not support anyone, friends do not care to be my brothers will not give them things I have no favorite in the game, I have friends but since that's not just because I have to to all, thanks for your understanding, Phenom

by Aleh
Experiences (show proof):as I have four years and a half playing MapleStory played 1 ½ years and 3 years eh MapleStory private servers MapleStory played as GM, I had a private server called XianMS but I have good experience as a coder, owner, Admin, and GM or SuperGM
Time Zone:Canada Central zone
Online Time:10 to 8 hours daily
Anything Else:because I am a good Gm Aleh Please Accept Phenom, ok bye
Contact Infoto contact my messenger is thanks for your understanding and I hope you accept me


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