Kougar's Game Master application.

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Kougar's Game Master application.

Post  Kougar on Wed May 19, 2010 6:46 am

Real name: Jerome Beaulieu (Jay is my nickname)
Age: 16
What languages do you speak fluently: French at 100%, English at 99% Wink
Why Should I Hire You: I can deal easily with people, I have already been tested on how to react with a hacker, or someone that wants to hack the server, I would love to be part of your team, I have great ideas of events, I want to help this server, I want to make it better.
Experiences (show proof): Well, no more proofs of NormalMS I guess, maybe some of you heard of it? I was part of NormalMS for a year until it shut down, due to lack of donations. I can provide a proof, which is a video with my starring in it, on YouTube. Video sucks, but at least I'm in it, and I can PM you on YouTube to show proof I really made the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug1P-7wgg90
Time Zone: GMT-5
Online Time: The time you want me to be, I can also be on during weekdays at evenings, and weekends.
Anything Else: I can do translations from English to French and who knows, we could be the first bilingual server Smile I can also help you do your french homeworks haha Razz Just kidding.
Contact Info: jayrome13@hotmail.com


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