poke's GM application

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poke's GM application

Post  jon55888 on Fri May 14, 2010 11:36 am

Real name:Jon

Languages:English if you want fluently


Why you should hire me:I am a person who is willing to listen to people if they need help and if it is possible, i help them. I also will have no hesitation in banning hackers if i have full proof. I will be friendly to newcomers and veteran players alike.

Experiences:I actually have little experience being a GM but i am very much willing to learn and I usually learn very quickly.

Timezone:I live in EST time (-5:00)

Online Time:I'm a no life so i will probably be on everyday and from 4PM-12PM is when I'm not busy. I'm sometimes on a little later than that.

Contact Info:If you need contact my e-mail is omfg227@yahoo.com (wow i still use yahoo)

Thank you for your patience,


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