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[GM Application] - Felicia

Post  Felicia on Tue May 11, 2010 9:38 am

Real name: Felicia Chin

Age: 19

What languages do you speak fluently:English, Chinese, Singlish(Singapore english)

Why Should I Hire You: I feel that you should hired me as I'm currently very active for the next 2 month, love helping out people for those needed without violating the rules of being a maple GM. I like to organize event and stuff such as Jump Quest and Monster Attack etc etc, so as to get closer and in a better term relationship with players so we could work together as a team in the server. I wish to help this server to grow and excel. I also have quite a number of friends playing private server so i guess i can ask them to shift over this server provided if they want. Don't have to worry, I'm not going to break any rules regardless they are my real life friends or online friends. To me Rules are Rules, I Hope you will consider about my application if more detail is needed, feel free to add me in MSN. Thank You!

MapleWorldMS - 6 month during august 2009 onwards
FantasyMs -10 month during march 2009 onwards
DagonMS - 1 month during september 2008 onwards
and use to own a server name SGfelMS. Other than myself i still have MapleWorld and Fantasy owner Messenger, so if needed i can give you their contact to prove you as i don't take screen shot often. Sorry about that.

Time Zone: Singapore, GMT 8

Online Time: Singapore timing, GMT 8. Will be online everyday, from 7am- 3am without fail so don't have to worry about this and catching hackers, last but not least maintaining the server

Anything Else: I've been playing MapleSEA (South East Asia) since 2003 till year 2008, i've transfer myself over to private server. About the online timing i can online everyday as stated until 27 july as my work plan is not out yet, currently working as a secretary. I love sports too, a ex school team player and captain for my school as well as club =)

Alright, with that I'll end it
here and if i'm chosen as a GM to help out in this server, I'll like to
thanks all the admins for giving me this little girl but mature, haha just kidding, a chance to serve
your server. Sorry for wasting your precious time browsing through my
application. Hope to get a positive reply from you soon
Happy Mapling~!


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