Funky's Gm Application

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Funky's Gm Application

Post  funkyducky454 on Fri May 07, 2010 6:24 am

Real name: Craig McConnell
Age: i am 19
What languages do you speak fluently: i speak english
Why Should I Hire You: becouse i am very hard working and very experienced and good at helping other and very understanding
Experiences (show proof):i have been co-owner of a server called hatestory and admin on kingkongms and qubecms and finalstory and i dont have any screenshots of them but if u want to talk to the owner of hatestory kingkongms and qubec hes on my msn to prove u wrong if u think im lieing
Time Zone: GMT Scotland
Online Time: i am only at least 15+ hours
Anything Else:I hope you pick me and i guess ill see u guys in game^^ happy mapling
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