John's Application

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John's Application

Post  aznbutth on Tue May 04, 2010 11:25 am

Real name:John Lee
What languages do you speak fluently:English / Chinese
Why Should I Hire You:Because I Am Always On When No GMs Are On So I Can Offer The Help And Hold Events For The Players Online, And I Am A Overall Nice Person. Willing To Learn How To Maintain A Fun Environment For The Players.
Experiences (show proof):None Wit The Game World, I Would Like To Learn From You Guys
Time Zone:East Coast
Online Time:About 3-4 Hrs A Day, But Since I Am In College I Know I Will Always Be On Everyday For At Least 2 Hrs. I Know It Ain't A Lot But Summer Is Coming Up So I Know I Will Be On For 3-6 Hrs A Day. I Will Always Try To Be On Longer Than What You Would Expect
Anything Else:I Want To Have The Opportunity In The Game World To See What Problems There Are Or Help The Owners To Get A Bigger Player Base As In Making The Server Fun So Players. Wouldn't Quit The Server Because I Will Always Be Devoted To It To Help Improve It In Anyway Possible
Contact Info [MSN] :Aim : ilaznpridezli


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