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Post  crypticvirus on Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:02 am

Real name:Tyson
What languages do you speak fluently:i only speak english.
Why Should I Hire You:because i could help the sever if u Taught me how to Be a gm i would try to be the best gm i could be Very Happy.
Experiences (show proof):never been a gm before this would be my first time if i was lucky Very Happy.
Time Zone:CST 8:00
Online Time:am on all the time some days am on for as long as i can be
Anything Else:i like to listin to music , play my violin,play with my friends,and play The best ms sever in the world foreststory.
Hope i get gm for my first time in the world Very Happy .Thanks for reading it.


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