Romeo's GM Application

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Romeo's GM Application

Post  Romeo on Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:04 am

Real name: Ali


What languages do you speak fluently: English, Dutch and Arabic.

Why Should I Hire You: Well I think I can help ForestStory very much, since it reborn and got some problems. I am a 'GM' that will do EVERYTHING I can do for a server. So the staff can trust me and know that an experienced person is helping them to make the server a nice server for EVERYONE..

Experiences (show proof): Well i have started like everyone with playing other servers. But then I really liked to have an own private servers. So I started to make one. I made one called StaticMS. After it was running good. Me and another owner of a another server made FanticMS, but when I had no time anymore because I had some school problems. I closed the server. Now I'm done with school and don't want to remake the server BUT help another server. That's why I made this application. I don't got any proof, because I never thought OW lets make a SS so when I join another server I got some proof as GM. LOL...

Time Zone: GMT +1

Online Time: Well now my vacation is starting I can be only for as long as the staff want.

Anything Else: I hope that I can help the staff and every player in ForestStory.

Contact Info: PM me for my MSN.


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Re: Romeo's GM Application

Post  Behemothgg on Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:12 am

Not bad,

i like the amount of info given.

Now what you need to do is get the communities support like i said you should.


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