Ellis's GM app... Revamped!

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Ellis's GM app... Revamped!

Post  ellis on Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:06 pm

Real name:
My real name is Ellis Gentry

Im 15 years old (almost 16)

What languages do you speak fluently:
I speak English and Im pretty fluent in French Very Happy

Why Should I Hire You:
In my old application, i listed alot of reasons why yall (<-- lol) should pick me and all my experience and what not, but i decided to take a different approach this time lol. When i wrote the old app, i wasnt nearly as familiar with foreststory as i am now. Ive made alot of new friends, had some pretty awesome experiences, and helped with extreme ass handing. After all of that i feel like im really attached to server and will be for a very long time. Although i do like the aspect of being a regular player, i really wanna have a bigger part in everything that goes on in the server. There are already some obvious choices who who the players want as GM's, but i hope that all of yall (<-- lol) can accept and add me on to that list Very Happy

Experiences (show proof):
1 summer on MoonMS as a co-owner (www.cromoon.tk)
I used to own a server called WesternStory (website no longer availible.)

Time Zone:
Central (Texas lol)

Online Time:
ALOT! I get on in the morning and off at about 2am... hehe

Anything Else:
I really hope everyone picks me because ive got the experience, i know the job, im very active, and above all I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS SERVER :]

Contact Info:
MSN- ellisgentry@live.com
Other Email- Ellisgentry20@yahoo.com

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Re: Ellis's GM app... Revamped!

Post  CrypticCandy on Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:26 am

I like it alot, im sorta new but yea. You seem like a cool person from the chat box XD


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