AsianTaco's GM Application:)

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AsianTaco's GM Application:)

Post  AsianTaco on Mon May 31, 2010 2:43 am

Real name: Winter (Yes, that's my real name, like the season).

Age: 13, and please don't judge me by my age. Smile

What languages do you speak fluently: I speak English, but I know some Spanish, Chinese, and other languages.

Why Should I Hire You: I'm a hard worker, I LOVE helping people, I'm active, and I'm a nice person. I will host events whenever I'm on, I will try to make people happy, I will only ban/jail people when necessary, like when they are hacking, and not for stupid reasons, and I will help anyone in need. Razz

Experiences (show proof): I don't have proof that I was a GM on any other server x.x, but I know some commands. I've also played on TONS of servers like xDreamerMS, RadianceMS, NoobMS, NudieStory, etc.

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Online Time: I get on whenever I have free time. Razz

Anything Else: I LOVE playing basketball and tennis, I LOVE music, I LOVE funny people and jokes, I LOVE playing games, I LOVE to draw, I LOVE animals, and I LOVE scary/horror movies.

Contact Info: My email/MSN is, my skype is ilovemuffiins, and my IGN is AsianTaco.

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