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Post  Punch on Sun May 23, 2010 11:07 pm

Real Name: James

Age: 15 turning 16 later on this year

Languages: English, Cantonese, a bit of Spanish

Why you should hire me: I have fun catching people hacking and what not i already helped catch like 5 hackers Very Happy. AND I'm a cool dude Very Happy i help new people when they need help. I'm usually very friendly until some one tries and either ruins the game for others or just attacks me like that 1 incident D: BUT we resolved it Very Happy. I like events ^^ i would host alot of events and interact with other players. NOT PHYSICALLY but like in the game xD.

Experiences: I've played a lot of Maplestory and i realized how to control drama and deal with hackers Very Happy. I've also played a lot in other private servers like AncientMS and FTWStory which was from way back in the day lol. I also still currently play GMS occasionally so i am in touch with whats going on (if that has any use? o.o) I know alot about hacks cause i used to hack in GMS and ONLY GMS! for a while so i would know when i see hacks ^^.

Time Zone: Eastern Time (ET) which i believe is GMT-4

Online time: i can be on anytime ranging from 10am- 10pm on weekends and 3-10 weekdays.

Other: I play a lot of basketball in my free time, i like the ban hammer and the whole stalker thing Very Happy. THINK OF HOW MANY MORE HACKERS I CAN FIND! thanks for reading my app Very Happy

Contact: My IGN is Punch and outside of the game, klalsjdfl@gmail.com

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