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Jason His Gm Apply

Post  jasonpng123 on Sun May 23, 2010 4:40 pm

Name: Jason

In-Game Name:DrSteak


Location/Timezone: (GMT +8:00 Singapore)

Describe yourself: A outsider that likes to play putside and sometimes goes on the computer

Average number of hours per day you play ForestStory:2-4h a day

How long have you been with ForestStory?: i haven’t joined yet.

What do you think you can contribute to this server? Explain: I would make my friends help out by joining and voting and if i find a bug/hacker i would call for help by the admin or I’ll handle the situation myself

Why are you applying for GM?:Because to make other severs more fun and make admins very proud

Have you had any previous GM experience? Where? How long? Proof?: I have been in RydahMS,IdyllicMS and other i cant remember but i got no proof cuz of a new computer

Why should we choose you?: I would make the server more fun for the other players in this server

Why shouldn't we choose you?: Because if dont choose me i dont really care but it would be nice to accept my app because of my hard work

What is your method for hunting for hackers and what would you do once you find one?:to find a ‘Hacker’ i would mostly likely be in hide and i would take pictures/screenshot and the admin of ForestStory or I’ll handle the problem

If 2 people are arguing over Smega how would you handle it?:i would ban for a period of time beacuse muting them wont do anything

If you caught your friend hacking, what would be his/her punishment? Explain:Ban i would also fell sad and make them learn their lesson even if they are my friend

What does it mean to be a GM? What does the title/role "GM" mean to you? Explain:It is a Important role in Ms and i m mature and old enough to handle that job

Anything else you need to add:Nope


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