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iReplay's GM APP

Post  ireplay on Mon May 03, 2010 11:04 am

Real Name: Derek ('Shocked') ITS OVER 9000!!!!! ('affraid')
Age: 14 < ~Mature :O

Languages: Chinese(Mandarin/ SG style Mandarin), English, Singlish(Singaporean English), Vietnamese(Pretty damn good for going to Vietnam once)

Why Should I Hire You: I feel you should hire me as a GM because I am very active as you can see from Literature Express ( I'm iMochi) . I also really like helping others as best as I can Very Happy. I know a lot of the commands, can get my own codes, and am really committed to something when given the task. I hope to bring new events and create some new events possible to have new and fun events constantly to keep it FRESH. Also, I Wield my Ban Hammer >Very Happy with pride and can strike whenever the time is right.

1. GM EtherMS- 11 Months (Up to 250 People)
2. GM SnailMS- 9 Months (1st Time Open) (100 Ppl)
(I've Been to more, but I forgot Most of them because I've been playing Private servers since OdinMS)

Time Zone: UTC/GMT -6 hours ( I Play whenever I have free time) In the Summer I'd Be UBER active Very Happy

Other: I LOVE POKEMON. I play football for my school, run track/ cross country, play basketball, and I love playing Maplestory. I am a Straight A Student and I'm proud of it Very Happy

Contact Info: [Aim] derektruong3968 [Email] Shocked


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Post  Demon on Tue May 04, 2010 5:08 am

Good app XD

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